Second Grading Achievers (SY 2008-2009)

January 15th, 2009

Ang Taong Palabasa, Dalubhasa sa Kultura

January 15th, 2009

by Berlee Gaengan

Last November 28, 2008, a program in celebration of Book Month was staged by III-Jerusalem with a theme, “Ang Taong Palabasa, Dalubhasa sa Kultura.”

The doxology of some selected students of the said section commenced the program proper; followed by the singing of the National Anthem conducted by Ines Oyad. The formal opening of the said affair was done by Berlee Gaengan, the Section Jerusalem President.

Before their skit, the class rendered a song entitled “Dreams”. They also amused most of the audience when they played their skit entitled “Robin Hood”, the most famous legendary hero of England during the Medieval Age. After the presentation of their skit, singing their chorus entitled “Follow Your Dreams” came next.

On the other hand, Geizelle Anupo and Wynne Lyn Andogan showed their talents in acting when they presented their own declamatory pieces entitled, “Vengeance is not ours, It’s God’s” and “Ako’y Isang Ulila” respectively. A Balagtasan with a theme “Gawing Limang Taon Ang Hayskul,” was also performed by Kristal Aquin, Charmaine Bugnosen, and Berlee Gaengan.

Games participated by the different sections emerged after the short break in the morning. The results were as follows:

1. Text Twist (2 participants/section)
1st– III-Jerusalem, III-Nazareth, II-Jericho
2nd– IV-Canaan, IV-Horeb, I-Genesis, I-Isaiah
3rd– II-Jordan, I-Hebrew

2. Quiz Bee (2 participants/section)
1st– III-Jerusalem
2nd– II-Jordan
3rd– IV-Canaan, IV-Horeb

3. Spelling Bee
1st– I-Hebrew
2nd– I-Isaiah
3rd– II-Jerusalem

Meanwhile, the culmination of the said event was the closing remarks of Mr. Alfredo Gallardo; followed by the singing of the loyalty song conducted by Aprilyn Canggat. And finally was the closing prayer led by Gala Kerr Lomong-oy. The said affair was emceed by Beah Lucia Tiwaken and Kristal Aquin.

Batch ‘77 Donates Sound System to School

January 15th, 2009

by Brenia Luzano

Batch ‘77 donated one sound system to the school last Dec.12. The turnover was formally done at the school’s quadrangle by some faculty members.

After the flag ceremony, Pastor Roberto Galong spoke about his experiences during his high school years. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” he shared. He also said that we must learn to be considerate with others and fill others shoes. Moreover, he encouraged the students and the teachers to dwell on the positive side, we must avoid those negative attitudes. He then introduced his companions— SPO3 Clayton Estangki, president of the said batch, Mrs. Myrna Walsiyen and Mrs. Saturnina Segwaben.

This was followed by the giving of the “Certificate of Donation” by Mrs. Saturnina Segwaben to Mr. Norman Tamulong. After that, Ptr. Roberto Galong led the dedication prayer and Ptr. Lory Abadil gave some announcements that only the in-charge will operate it. To try the new sound system, Nora Otinguey rendered a song.

1st Year Students Stage Cultural and United Nations’ Month

January 15th, 2009

The 1st year students staged the Cultural and United Nations’ Month last October 31 at the St. James’ quadrangle with the leadership of their advisers and their class presidents.

The program proper started through an opening prayer led by Doris Cate Diamond Gomuad. It was followed by the singing of the National anthem conducted by Jee Busacay and was formally opened by Kaylyn Quines, class president of Section Genesis. After several intermissions, the 1st year students presented a skit entitled “Sugaypan.” In this, we can draw a lot of lessons such as in courting. Furthermore, they also presented the different customs and culture of the different nations. With pride in their hearts, they sang the song entitled ”Divided we Fall, Together We Stand.”

Moreover, Bryan Baldas led the closing prayer and the Saint James Loyalty song was conducted by Sherlyn Grace Mangliw, a fourth student. Lastly, the closing remarks was done by Mr. Alfredo Gallardo.

The results of the games are the following:

Pinoy Henyo:
First Place:
-Section Canaan
-Section Genesis
-Section Hebrew
-Section Horeb
-Section Isaiah
-Section Jericho
-Section Jordan
-Section Nazareth
Second Place:
-Section Jerusalem

Quiz Bee:
1st- section Nazareth
2nd- section Canaan
3rd- section Jordan

Besao is 4th place overall in 2008 Provincial Athletic Meet

January 15th, 2009

Bontoc, Mt. Province—Besao delegates to the 2008 Provincial Athletic Meet landed 4th place with a total points of 240 last Dec. 2-6. Aside from that, Besao was also awarded as the MOST DISCIPLINED and CLEANEST DELEGATION during the said event.

Besao placed 6th place in the elementary level with 103 points. The secondary level garnered 137 points.

A total of 314 athletes including the coaches attended the said event. Out of the 129 secondary athletes, 80 came from Saint James High School of Mountain Province, Inc.

6 Senior Students of SJHSMPI Take SLU CEE

January 15th, 2009

by Desiree Cabay

Six senior students of SJHSMPI took the SLU College Entrance Examination at St. Vincent High School, Bontoc, Mt. Province last Oct.18.

The said examination started at exactly 8 o’clock in the morning and it was finished at 10am. The SLU CEE was divided into different categories— Mathematical ability, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability.

The result of the examination will be released sometime in January.

The following are the list of the students who took SLU CEE:

Agwiking, Wayne Mark
Banoca, Nelson Jr.
Balawis, Merriam Grace
Bing-il, Bernice
Cabay, Desiree
Sildon, Yonica

29 Senior Students of SJHSMPI Take BSU Entrance Examination

January 15th, 2009

by Nora Otinguey

A total of 29 senior students of SJHSMPI took the entrance examination together with other senior students of the different schools at MPGCHS, Bontoc, Mt. Prov. last Dec. 7.

The exam consisted of mathematical ability, verbal ability, non-verbal ability etc. wherein the students were given only ten minutes to answer one category. Only two hours was allotted for the examinees to finish the exam.

Furthermore, the BSU Examination results will be released sometime in January 2009.

1192 Attend RSPC

January 15th, 2009

by Nissa Sibaen and Chauncee Capalos

A total of 1192 campus journalists attend the 2008 Regional Schools Press Conference held at the Lepanto Elementary School and Lepanto National High School with a theme, Climate Change: A Call to Responsible Journalism, Dec. 11-13.

Hon. Samuel Dangwa , the respected congressman of Benguet, was supposed to be the keynote speaker unfortunately, he was unable to attend so Atty. Bulislis represented him.

The governor of Benguet, Gov. Fongwan emphasized the theme of the said event: Climate change refers to one’s responsibility regarding the environment as to Responsible Journalism, the truth prevails when a responsible journalist writes or speaks.

The ff. Sunset Staff participated in the RSPC:

Jade Cadaweng–Sports Writing (Fil)
Chauncee Capalos– Sports (Eng)
Nissa Sibaen– News Writing (Eng)
Yonica Sildon– Feature (Eng)

Mr. Alfredo Gallardo, the Sunset Adviser accompanied them.

6 Senior Students Take DOST Scholarship Examination

January 15th, 2009

by Brenia Luzano

Six senior students (4 from SJHS and 2 from BNHS) took the DOST Scholarship Examination last Novemer 9 at the MPGCHS, Bontoc, Mt. Province.

There were 52 students coming from different schools of Mt. Province took the first batch of examination—7 am to 12 noon. The 2nd batch– from 1 pm to 6 pm. The examination was composed of 2 parts, the self-assessment and linguistic part. The self-assessment composed of the different list of one’s character, most of the list are repeated but scrambled. It’s up to you to analyze the ones which are similar.

On the other hand, linguistic part involved changing passive sentences to active sentences and vice versa but the language used is hard to understand.

The ff. were the students who took the DOST examination:

Banoca, Nelson
Padalla, Kathryn
Bastian, Racheil
Sildon, Yonica
Luzano, Brenia
Mangliw, Sherlyn

Sunset Scribes Win in 2008 Division Schools Press Competition

January 15th, 2009

Masla, Mt. Province- Saint James Sunset writers showed their journalistic skills when they outclassed some of the best Campus Writers in the province during the 2008 Division Schools Press Competition held at the Masla National High School last November 13-16.

Meanwhile, the first competition started on November 14. In the morning, the events were Photojournalism and News writing followed by the Cartooning and Editorial writing in the afternoon. November 16 was Copy reading and Headline writing, together with feature writing which was done in the morning. Sports writing and Radio Broadcasting contest came after lunch and these ended up to 10:00 in the evening.

Nov. 17- The awarding of winners appalled all the 475 Campus journalists who participated in the 2008- DSPC.

The following results paid off for the efforts of the Sunset scribes:

In the radio broadcasting secondary, Giezelle Anupo, came up as the best in the commercial segment and in News Writing (English) Nissa Sibaen grabbed the 3rd place, Chauncee Capalos salvaged 3rd place in Sports Writing (English) while Jade Cadaweng landed 4th place in Sports Writing (Filipino).

On the other hand, Yonica Sildon took the 4th place in Feature Writing (English) and Erin Lacsigen garnered 6th place in Photo Journalism (English) while Cherylle Kim Mayonte got the 7th place in Copy Reading and Headline Writing (Filipino). Brenia Luzano participated in Editorial Writing (English) and Mary Joy Bugnosen participated in Editorial Writing (Filipino).

Desiree Cabay participated in Feature Writing (Filipino) while Merriam Balawis participated in News Writing and Editorial Cartooning (Filipino). Alfredo Gallardo, the Sunset Adviser, was with the sunset staff.

The top 5 winners will be going for the Regional Press Conference venued at Lepanto National High School, Mankayan Benguet on Dec. 11-13, 2008.